Time to split! My entrance theme “New Moon” is available now on @Spotify and @AppleMusic #NewMusicFriday https://t.co/SEnkYadbFh

    You may not remember, but 10 years have passed since I first fought you. The time has finally come. I am merciless, I’ve removed the limiter.. @FinnBalor I'll definitely stand in front of you.See you at takeover. @WWENXT https://t.co/AVy3vF3Pj2

    Parking is dangerous and backstage is scary. However, it's safe to have this guy next to you. Thank you for your safety @RealKeithLee san! NXT tonight⌚️⌚️⌚️on @USA_Network https://t.co/oGFKtV9jzr

    コロナウィルス ドライブスルーテストを受けてきました https://t.co/0Mc3spZqBU 【KUSHIDAのナイショ話2】 https://t.co/uBPPS48rDq

    #15 幸せとは自分で自分がきめるもの https://t.co/BWbHPvWFfg 【KUSHIDAのナイショ話2】 https://t.co/ww2tGbu1TR

    Hi @RealKeithLee san I feel safe when I'm with him in the backstage. https://t.co/3D3QyOyqBZ

    Two more steps @WWENXT https://t.co/5QwHrG2Dqi

    Congrats @WWEMaverick 👏 Today was completely your day. See you next Wednesday night @WWENXT #TimeWillTell https://t.co/2BzXYFrGoK

    This is 37 years ago https://t.co/nKdKu76nug

    Thank you for bringing me into this world. #happymothersday #mothersday 丈夫な体に産んでくれてありがとう💐 https://t.co/9a33CcMlBb