Inspiration. It was very thank you my Forever Hero The Great Muta. https://t.co/YWUCsGT2PA

    GO #NXTTakeOver @WWENXT https://t.co/xx6HZ82bxV

    Our next "appointment" will be in the ring Sunday. @WWENXT #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/T1P9hBwmie

    Last Wednesday I knocked on the door of the famous Regal's office. It was a great experience to meet with the trainer of my trainer. Hopefully,I will have more spending time there. I'm always honored to work with @RealKingRegal @WWENXT https://t.co/lnjqxOeOEz

    It's time to change the NXT ring scene. https://t.co/WzEJFRwgRR

    #NXTTakeOver @WWENXT https://t.co/1kdGKLibz2

    100%YES. A fish caught on a my hook. Give me vs Gargano. https://t.co/26aJbuJhVF

    I haven't forgotten that you guys blocked my path a year ago... @WWENXT #DustyClassic https://t.co/q3unC7vSQ2

    Hammerlock suplex hold. #新技投入 #1回戦突破 #DustyClassic @WWENXT https://t.co/N1LIVwzVOz

    ぜってぇー北米タイトル獲るぞ、これで! https://t.co/izqZWwHJji