Rogue General

    So dramatic

    女の子見たいな気持ちのレスラー I just got a haircut

    なんだって⁉︎ You’ll never get lost in Japan. Everyone knows some sort of English

    KOPW was stolen! .@njpw1972 Right @realchaseowens !?

    You can bring all your tricks Yano but you’re gonna get slammed like every other maggot! .@njpwworld .@NJPW1972

    You can’t trick a trickster .@VorosTwins

    How’s your little trophy yano!

    Japanese is not so hard! Hardly get a word out and I’m told I’m fluent

    Leave me out of your “would you rathers” worst pay per view ever! #TalkNShopAMania2 @MachineGunKA @The_BigLG