'Bad Boy' Tama Tonga

    I smile when people talk nonsense about #BulletClub leaders. There are frontman...and the Club controls the frontman. Don’t ever get that twisted. We all know what happened the last time someone called themselves “Leader” https://t.co/hzpQeFIDKX

    New Shirt up that won’t be my last one affiliated with #BulletClub because we are #BulletClub. -Oh and it’s by far my favorite one! 😘 #WAR Only at —> https://t.co/0tvYok2IYg https://t.co/qrtYSWwuli

    So @davemeltzerWON , you went from putting all the HEAT on the “foreigners” (nothing about the Japanese Talent) to now adding more bullshit which includes “Top Japanese talents”. You’re deep in the wrestling politics now huh? Who’s playing you like a fiddle? https://t.co/j5coZtc1Nf